iPerceptions webValidator is a truly user-centric process for managing website evolution that ensures an organization’s development initiatives deliver maximum value for intended users. Critical measurements are established based on website users’ experiences. Contextual quantitative and qualitative feedback from site visitors is captured using a unique online survey methodology. Probative data identifies opportunities to continuously enhance the user experience. The results deliver the intelligence required to create optimal, mutually rewarding long-term relationships and maximize an organization’s Return on Investment.

iPerceptions proprietary technology maps user feedback in a strategic behavioral framework model. This enables management to visualize satisfaction at various stages of developing Relationships. As an ongoing process, management gains the knowledge, capability and means for accountability to manage superior online relationships and building loyalty.

iDeal Networks offers iPerceptions Solutions and provides in-depth analysis of webValidator results. We help our clients identify and strategically prioritize the best ways to extract maximum value on their Net-related investments.

Additional information can be found at : www.iperceptions.com



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