The Net works evolving into primary communication channels. Based on knowledge of the current and future role that the Internet will play in supporting organizational growth, we have chosen to represent a number of strategic and tactical ideal Net working product solutions.

Presented below is a middleware designed to enhance productivity in Mobile Workforces. It provides superior value to stakeholders and enables painless technology migration, integration and alignment throughout the organization at an economical price.

Radio IP

Optimized secure TCP/IP connectivity runs IP based applications over existing private/public Wireless Networks

The most comprehensive TCP/IP gateway technology for wireless networks available today. This solution provides a virtual network card that enables organizations to use COTS (commercial of the shelf Software) without having to develop API’s. It has an outstanding patent-pending compression algorithm that optimizes TCP/IP and FIPS-140-2 encryption to provide highly secure communications. It buffers data transfers so that users experience reliable hassle free operations when leaving and then reentering network coverage areas.

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