iDeal Networks
assists clients by finding Talent, Technology and Capital and is also engaged in Product and Market Development.

Knowledge of how the Net works and will evolve is why we have chosen to represent the ideal solutions listed below.


iPerceptions webValidator provides measurable, rich insight on perceived values attributed to an organization by its different constituents. It is based on actual online experiences and delivers predictive intelligence on how and where to strategically raise satisfaction.

iDeal Networks offers iPerceptions solutions as well as performing in-depth analysis of the webValidator findings.


OrbitIQ - The Technology Business Accelerator

OrbitIQ is a global business accelerator for the Information Technology and Communication market sectors focused on solving the critical and complex business challenges related to commercialization, customer traction and expansion of market share.   


iDeal Networks uses the Internet, Technology Driven and Direct Sourcing, Social Networking and Skilled Recruitment Professionals to help companies expand International and Global workforces.

Other Services

iDeal Networks is affiliated with best-of-breed application providers that are defining the Internet's full potential. A partial list of applications is presented.

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